QMT Stratocaster NOS Master Built by Dale Wilson – very new, not yet on the website, hence no link.  If you’re interested give us a call.

Wes Montgomery Left Handed Hollowbody Electric – From the world of “go find another” we bring you a left-handed Gibson Wes Montgomery single pickup L5.  Great for lefty players who have yearned all their lives for such a beauty.  A left-handed Blonde L5 Wes Mo is superseded by only the Yeti, Nessie and baby unicorns. As I’ve mentioned before, Gibson has exhausted their ebony supply and at present has quit using it at all.  The newest L5s will have rosewood fingerboards.  So Lefties be on alert, this may be your last opportunity to own an Ebony fingerboard L5.  Also, a must have the “Righty” collector regardless of his or her handedness simply because this is such a rare bird!

Gibson Custom Collector’s Choice™ #3 1960 Les Paul “The Babe” Electric Guitar


For questions or pricing call Chris (816-423-4970) Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm CST.

Gretsch Guitars Custom Shop 6120 – Another fantastic guitar from the Grestch Custom Shop courtesy of Stephen Stern!  What more can you ask for in a guitar.  The best custom color ever?  Check!  The best Grestch model ever? Check.  Handbuilt by Mr. Stern?  Check!  Get this before it’s gone, or else!

Gibson Custom L5 Ct Hollowbody – Back in the day, there was a short guitar playing comedian named George Goebel who wanted an L5 that worked with his small geometry.  This thought spawned the ultra-rare L5-CT, a thin bodied L5.  What a gorgeous L5-CT this is. Though thinner than a traditional L5 , this guitar is x-braced as an acoustic guitar and is wonderful, balanced and loud.

Gibson 1942 J-45 Legend – The J 45 Legend is cream of the crop when it comes to Gibson J 45’s.  Based on an actual 40s J 45, the guitar has the largest neck of any of Montana’s acoustics.  This helps drive the Adirondack Spruce top for a huge sound.  And we here at Guitarsale.com are happy to confirm that Private Reserve has several of these in stock.

Super 400 CES Hollowbody (Sunrise Tea Burst) – Gibson revolutionized the archtop world in the first part of last century.  They continue to produce some of the most amazing archtops in this world today.  The unfortunate part is that Gibson only produces a limited number of them in a year.  This is the first Super 400 that I have seen in a while and it does not disappoint!  The Sunrise Tea Burst finish is amazing and the figured maple backsides are beyond comparison.  This is Gibson’s largest archtop and it produces a sound that is bigger than its 18” size.  Yes they are expensive, but you don’t see many of these and finding an instrument of equal quality is almost impossible.

Collectors Choice:  Gibson Custom L4 CES Mahogany Hollowbody – This beautiful one-off Gibson L4 is part of Gibson Custom’s new “Crimson”  program.  Hand selected woods, unique specs and absolute artisan attention to detail.  This is a jazz guitarist’s dream machine and comes with beautiful figured maple back and sides instead of the usual mahogany fair

Gibson Collector Choice #4 “Sandy” – Gibson created the Collector’s Choice series to showcase guitars from some of the biggest collectors around.  This one is a recreation of Tom Wittrock’s 59 Burst nicknamed Sandy.  We only received 8 of these and Gibson will only be producing a maximum of 300.

Gibson Custom Collector’s Choice #3 Les Paul – Known as  “The Babe,” this Les Paul is the 3rd guitar celebrated by Gibson’s Collector’s Choice series.  It is an early 1960 model with a factory Bigsby.  As it is early in its production year, it retains the hefty neck profile of a 1959 model.  The guitar behind this run is currently owned by guitar extraordinaire – Joe Bonamassa and is this week’s Collector’s Pick.   The # of the run is undetermined at this point but it will not exceed 300 pieces.  Get one while you can!

Gibson Custom Tak Matsumoto Signature Les Paul Custom – I had the opportunity to visit Gibson Custom Shop a couple summers ago.  That was the first time I got my hands on a Gibson Tak Matsumoto.  It was the first time in a while that I had been truly excited about a newer guitar model (these have been available in Japan for some time).  Get this guitar while you can!

Fender Custom Shop Master Built By Dale Wilson 1966 Relic Jazz Bass – What’s cooler than a custom color jazz bass with matching headstock? A master-built custom color jazz bass with matching headstock!  One of our favorite builders is Dale Wilson and he nailed the juju with this ’66 relic.  Nice!

George Harrison is one of my favorite guitarist of all time!  Stephen Stern and the Grestch Custom Shop has done a great job recreating his Duo Jet.  This is the guitar he used on Please Please Me and to record is album Cloud Nine.  Accurate aging and relicing will please any Beatles collector!

Gibson Custom 1959 Les Paul Reissue Quilt-Top – Here’s a lovely 59 Historic that has quilt to die for.  From top to bottom.  Dig on that head veneer, too!  This is a one of a kind Les Paul worthy of the best of collections.

Marc Bolan of T-Rex fame was one of the principle founders of what would become known as 70s era Glam rock.  A small man with a huge attitude, he rocked his refinished Les Paul Standard hard.  It suffered a neck break and was renecked with a Les Paul Custom neck.  These have Gibson’s custom buckers and growl like a S.O.B.

Martin OM Chris Hillman Acoustic; I always have enjoyed Martin’s OM shape and love the sound of them.  For some reason the Chris Hillman signature OM has that extra something special that I look for in a guitar.  Maybe it’s the Adirondack top.  Maybe it’s the fact that the guitar has Chris Hillman’s name on it.  I’m not sure.  A man that has been in as many prolific bands as he has deserves a killer sounding guitar like this!

Fender Custom Shop Master Built By Dale Wilson 50’s Stratocaster – When’s the last time you saw a TV Yellow finished Strat with a solid rosewood neck?  Answer: never.  This is a really unique Masterbuilt Strat by one of the best up and coming Masterbuilder’s out there, Dale Wilson.  The neck feels oh so good and the guitar sounds oh so right!

Gretsch Guitars G6120EC Eddie Cochran Tribute Electric Guitar with Commemorative Materials Kit; You may not know that name but you know his songs, Eddie Cochran had a brief yet prolific career.  His hits included Summertime Blues and C’mon Everybody.  His playing influenced a generation of guitarist after him.  His Gretesch G6120ec is a reproduction of the guitar he played on all of his hits.  Only 50 of these were made making this a very collectible guitar along with the fact it comes with a boxful of special commemorative material.

Gibson Custom L5 CT Art Deco Hollowbody; This one is breathtaking.  The Deco inspired marquetry on the back of this guitar is too cool.  The L5-CT is a thin bodied L5 and is rarer than a hen’s tooth.  Add the Deco back and you’re likely to never see another.  Gorgeous!

Private Reserve Collectors Choice – PRS Private Stock- Dweezil Zappa Ltd Run # 9 of 50; The PRS Private Stock Dweezil Zappa Limited Run is one of those rare guitars that makes you say “Wow” from the moment you open the case!  With its unique, yet somewhat familiar body shape this guitar immediately catches the eye.  PRS Private Stock guitars use the best of the best woods available and this is no exception.  Only 50 of these guitars were made so they are sure to become an instant classic.


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